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Design and Aims of the iARS

Cutting-edge Topics · Interdisciplinary Approach · Training by Top Experts in the Field on a Face-To-Face Level · Research and Treatment · How to Design Your Own Research · Good Scientific Practice · Evaluation of Papers · How the Scientific Community Works · Building Up Networks

The WHO estimates that each year 1.5 million people in the European Union die of cardiovascular diseases. The related annual costs are about 100 billion Euro. Promoting young researchers of both scientific and medical background is therefore essential to continuously and efficiently counteract CVD in the future. Each year, the iARS offers about 20 outstanding and highly motivated MD and PhD. students as well as young post-docs from all European countries the chance to work and discuss up close and personal with international renowned experts on basics and latest developments.

With their aspiring programme, the organisers hope to provide new perspectives and impulses for the participants to carry home and to trigger new international research collaborations. The iARS provides a unique venue where talented young scientists and clinicians meet established research leaders in the field of atherosclerosis and vascular disease to discuss cutting-edge questions and expand their practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Most importantly, the course triggers international collaboration, thus enhancing achievement of research and treatment excellence in the European region.

A special feature of the iARS is its highly interactive design, based not only on an intensive dialogue between the participants, but with the international teachers as well. The iARS encourages applications from all European countries. As experience from past years has shown, the thus established new international network bonds last well beyond the duration of the school and may be the starting point of fruitful new European wide collaborations.