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The iARS, short for International Atherosclerosis Research School, offers a unique and ambitious training programme for young, dedicated scientists from both clinical practice and basic research in the field of atherosclerosis. Since 2010, it continues the successful Summer School concept established with support of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) by Prof. Ulrike Beisiegel in 2006. The meeting is held annualy.

The iARS has been initiated and since then been organised by Prof. Michal Vrablík, a clinician and researcher from Prague's Charles University (Czech Republic) specialised in CVD, and Dr. Alexander Laatsch, a basic scientist and experienced lecturer affiliated with the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf in Hamburg (Germany). Their close collaboration is intended to bidirectionally link clinical and basic science for the promotion of interdisciplinary research and communication skills of upcoming researchers working together in international collaborations. "Up close and personal with the experts" has always been the school's motto – and it lives up to that with every new programme, which are all designed to allow and promote fruitful discussions beyond the usual FAQ.

Hamburg and Prague have been twin cities for more than 25 years. They host the iARS in an alternating fashion, thereby strengthening the growing together of the European region. Many of the increasingly complex questions in scientific research can meanwhile only be answered successfully by working in international collaborations, individual and sustainable networks. The iARS has set out to and continues to establish and promote these in early career researchers, since they are the foundations of tomorrow's research communities.