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Feedback: Participants' Voices


No iARS due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


No iARS due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


"Amazing idea of the school. Many thanks for all the teachers, the lectures and the informal conversations between sessions. Hope to meet again. Wish you a lot of luck and many future schools."

"Highly educational and very interesting lectures, very relaxed atmosphere were very appreciated. I especially loved section "Getting along in science" - it was very helpful. Thank you"

"The lectures and the quality of the faculty was top. This course added very much to my professional career."

"It was a great organization. I learned a lot of new things. I was inspired from the professors and the students. I thank you very much for this great opportunity. I will definitely recommend it to my friends!"

"Perfect organization!!! Thank you"

"The organization, support, students & teaching were brilliant. It [was] amazing to see [the] diversity in teaching staff. [....] The delivery of the talks was very engaging & the teachers are approachable & welcoming & provide a great basis for discussion."

"Very professional, helpful and for students the opportunity to meet informal colleagues and to make questions without hesitation."

"It is perfect, science and also friendship obtained."

"Programme was very useful. I hope that I will use as much knowledge as I can. The group of people was amazing."

"Thank you for the perfect organization and the opportunity to participate. […] It was an amazing week! Thank you again!"

"Fantastic event, nice location, great gathering, professional experts."

"Everything was perfect, The idea, organization, lectures, possibility to communicate with professors informal. Thank you very much for this experience!"

"I must commend the organizers of this school. All the talks were pitched at the right level for the audience mix (scientists and clinicians); lots of positive points, including the opportunity to network with colleagues and reputable clinicians and scientists in the field."

"Thank you for a wonderful school!"

"It was great to collaborate with professors in equal way."

"Thank you, all is beautiful."

"I really enjoyed my time here and I am glad that I come. I feel like I extremely improved my knowledge on important topics, while I also got the chance to meet lovely people."

"The highest level of teachers and wide range of topics related to atherosclerosis field. Don't leave a chance not [to] understand smth. ))"

"The school was fantastic."

"Really glad to participate in this iARS! This is the greatest meeting I've attended, & it does really help in the very early stage of my career."


"I would like to thank the organizers for an outstanding course for young researchers. It was an amazing opportunity, friendly and funded lectors and also plenty of talented young researchers. Thank you again for this amazing experience! It gave me a lot!"

"Thank you, it was a great experience."

"I'd like to express gratitude to everyone for this possibility to share the excellent time and to get so important and cutting-edge information. Thank you and good luck!"

"Great organization - socially involved, enthusiastic, knowledgeable lectures [...]. Thank you for the organization!"

"It was a great research school! I especially liked that everybody presented their projects in the beginning so we could still discuss them through the week."

"Many thanks to the organizers. I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues!"

"I liked all teachers. I think most topics are very interesting. Even though I had no experience in clinician, by this time, I got the impression of how a clinical study looks like. Great to learn this."

"I had a great time at the iARS. The program was well balanced and all the teachers were great."

"Overall the summer school was a really nice opportunity to learn more about atherosclerosis & clinical perspectives. Moreover, it was nice that you meet a lot of people that are also doing research in "your" (Atherosclerosis) field. => good networking"

"Thank very much for this perfect course."


"I really enjoyed this summer school because it was the perfect occasion to stop and refresh some concepts as well as learn a lot of new evidences. Moreover, I really appreciated that all the professors were so available, friendly and clear in their presentations. Thanks for these such interactive sessions. :-)"

"Thanks very much for great time."

"The content was good as was the delivery of the presentations. Networking events were fantastic!"

"I really enjoyed the program. It as well planned. I really liked the lipid metabolism part it was definitely something I really needed. All the talks were useful and for me it will be easier to follow in the future congress talks because the knowledge I gained."

"Top hospitality, really nice venue."

"Well-chosen contents and programme. Good group performance, not only expanded knowledge but also made friends."

"Everything was good!"

"I really enjoyed everything. The content was very complete and gave excellent overview of the field. Thanks a lot for organizing it!"

"It's a great program with full of knowledge and networking opportunity. "

"Had a great time and learnt a lot. Made some good friends. Thank you"

"I really enjoyed the project presentations and thought the overall standard of teaching was v. v. high. I have been very impressed with the organization and approach taken and would recommend the iARS to others in the field. For me the mix of clinical and research data was great and really helped to put my work into context."

"Thank you so much for your conference. I really enjoyed it."


"It's a great meeting!"

"It was a great experience for me to participate in this school. The diversity of the lectures gave us the chance to see the topics from different perspectives. It was well balanced in the programme."

"It was perfect."

"I really liked this experience, everything was fine and well organized, thank you!"

"Good balance between clinical and basic research topics."

"It was really nice, thanks again!"

"Vielen herzlichen Dank für Organisation, für gutes Klima und sehr hohes Niveau der Lectures."

"I really spend a great time. I like it very much. Thank you :-)"

"Lipid metabolism is not my current topic, but now, after iARS, I think it was very helpful to know all the insights. Also the clinical pool was presented in a very understandable way for me."

"I really like it!!!"

"Really valuable experience. Very important topic. Great opportunity for establishing communication with colleagues in the field."


"iARS summer school was a great experience for me, not only useful to improve knowledge on atherosclerosis, but also to establish good scientific relationships."

"It was great. Thank you very much for everything."

"Perfect organisation, great sessions, and a beautiful group. An experience to repeat."

"Very well organized, high quality of speakers."

"The time was really great! I got more than I expected."

"This was probably one of the best scientific events, cause everything was there: networking, science info, interesting lectures, and of course fun."

"Thank you for the opportunity to share space with you, your lectures, knowledges, great people. I am really thankful."

"The iARS was amazing [...], and I will surely recommend this school to others."

"So far the best course I have been to."


"Perfect mix, wonderful location."

"I will definitely recommend this summer school to other colleagues in the CVD research field."

"It is a great motivation!"

"Would repeat the experience every day."

"All lecturers were really good. You are excellent teachers."

"The lecturers gave great overviews and new ideas and ways of thinking."

"iARS was 5 full days long -> perfect package!"

"It was a wonderful week, I enjoyed every second of it."


"It was an amazing experience."


"It was a fantastic week, I really enjoyed it. Very good that it is a small group and very informal."

"Excellent – kind and friendly supervisors, excellent every presentation! Super!!"

"Really happy to meet nice people and get friends and knowledge from around the globe. The content of the lectures and the presenters were brilliantly planned. On the whole, the journey was totally memorable."


"Thanks, this week was really perfect!"

"I really enjoyed the school, both the teaching and the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people."

"It's the best schooling experience I have had during my whole study."

"All of you did a great job as teachers."

"I really enjoyed the school – the learning and teaching environment was really good."

"I wish that iARS lasts forever…"

"I think that the organization was perfectly balanced between clinical aspects and biological/biochemical aspects."

"I really like the personal contact before and also during the school."

"iARS was maybe the best medical area based programme I attended."


"Excellent in every aspect."

"Highly interactive (both teachers-students and student-student interaction)"

"I really appreciated the involvement of the teachers."


"Thank you for a fun and enlightening week!"

"Great opportunity to interact and work with people from various backgrounds, projects and cultures!"